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  • Malkiat Singh Duhra

3 Agriculture Acts 2020

Three agriculture bills signed by the President of India - Ram Nath on September 27, 2020.

1. The farmers Produce Trade and Commerce ( Protection and Facilitation ) Act, 2020 2. The farmers ( Empowerment and Protection ) Agreement on Price Insurance and Farm Services Act, 2020 3. The Essential Commodities ( Amendment ) Act, 2020

The government claims that these three Acts are very beneficial to farmers and will double their income.

But Farmers and Agricultural experts are of the views as given below:

1. These Acts will damage the Mandi System which is well developed in Punjab and Haryana. 2. These Acts do not give protection to farmers rather farmers will be exploited in the long run. 3. All the three Acts are in favour of traders and corporates. 4. These are death warrants for farmers. 5. Note: Before these Acts, farmers and traders could sell farm produce in any state and abroad. Then what was the purpose to pass these Acts? These Acts only give favour and protection to the big corporates. 6. Lawyers of Haryana say that according to our constitution, it is the State Government that passes agricultural Acts.

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