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  • Malkiat Singh Duhra

Farmers Protest in India September 2020

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Farmers, workers, and small traders protests started in Punjab in September 2020, to protect themselves from the exploitation of big corporates, by the three farm laws (3 Acts) passed in the Parliaments of India in September. Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, UP, Arunachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, MP, and Bihar joined this protest immediately and followed by all other states of India. This type of farmers protest happened for the first time in human history when millions of people (men, women, old and young) came on roads and many of them moved toward Delhi. This protest is unique as it remained peaceful and the number of people joining increased day by day. It is an exceptional protest where people of all other organizations like journalists, agriculture experts, intellectuals, lawyers, doctors and universities are in favour of farmers and workers. Punjab has taken the lead to inspire the farmers of the whole world to be united.

For the last 100 years, corporates have exploited farmers all over the world even in well-developed countries. This is the reason that farmers and workers remained poor and under debt. The suicide rate of farmers is increasing day by day, especially in India because they are not getting the appropriate price for their produce. The French Revolution and the Russian Revolution were important revolutions in the world in which thousands of people were killed along with the respective rulers (kings). But protests in September 2020 have remained peaceful thus far although 15 farmers died in the protest due to harsh weather conditions and stress as the farmers were on the roads for 24 hours in the open.

India is a secular and democratic country, but even so, the elected Parliament Members did not listen to the voice of farmers. They repeatedly kept on advocating that these 3 farm laws are in favour of farmers and their income will be doubled by these 3 farm laws and to try to understand these laws. Government officials had six meetings with the farmers, and in all the meetings they kept on educating the farmers, saying that these 3 laws are very good for them and they should try to understand. Farmers told them that we are well educated and well versed with these laws. Farmers also told them that these laws are death warrants for us and are in favour of big corporates and give protection only to them. Now it is a very critical time, the government should listen to farmers to solve the problem amicably as soon as possible otherwise this protest may be converted into a revolution. At this time, it is not desirable to keep a distance with the farmers rather come close and talk frankly and fairly so that something good prevails.

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