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  • Malkiat Singh Duhra

India Is Rising

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

India has the potential to grow and progress at a very fast rate due to its climate (tropical, sub tropical and temperate), deep fertile soil, plenty of water resources, population (largest youth population) and other natural resources plus technological innovation and its deeply ingrained spiritual culture. Reasonable progress has been made since 1947 in education, health, industry, business, army, roads, agriculture, etc. By 2040 I envision the Indian economy will be the best in the world. It is very true and possible if the people elect sincerely: efficient, proactive and honest politicians.

To achieve this goal only THE PEOPLE (voters) are responsible and no other organization. India's GDP (per cent of world) was 24.43 in 1700 and during British India, it declined to 12.14 in 1870 and 5.9 in 1940. It indicates India has the potential to become the largest economy once again. History does and will repeat itself. Now it is the choice of the Indian people whether they want the biggest economy in the next coming years or after a long time.


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