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  • Malkiat Singh Duhra

Problems of Increasing World Population

The rapid increase in the world population during the second half of the 20th century has raised concerns among people that the planet may not be able to sustain 7.8 billion of its inhabitants. Many problems such as rising levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide and global warming are aggravated by population explosion. Other problems associated with overpopulation include the increased demand for resources such as fresh water and food with resultant starvation and malnutrition, faster consumption of natural resources (fossil fuels) and a deterioration in living conditions. All these factors leading to an ecological and societal collapse.

Now, it is the right time to think and take necessary action to control and bring down the population growth. At a sustainable population level, problems like pollution, unemployment, starvation, global warming and unnecessary competition will be solved. Everyone will get fresh water and air, healthy food, proper jobs and people will lead stress free and happy lives. There will be no need to use pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers to get higher yields of crops. Everyone will get organic food. Otherwise nature will play its role to decrease the population to sustain the planet. Coronavirus may be the warning of nature to humans.

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