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  • Malkiat Singh Duhra

Raja Todar Mal: The Real Hero of India

Todar Mal was one of the nine gems in Akbar's court. As finance minister, he introduced a new system of revenue, standardized weights and measurements for trade and promoted Persian as the official language. He is recognized as an able warrior and he used Statistics extensively first time in India. During his time the GDP of India was one-fourth of the World.

Raja Todar Mal ( January 1, 1500 - November 8, 1589 ) was born in Uttar Pradesh in the Aggarwal Khatri family. His father died when he was very young, leaving no means of livelihood for him. He started his career as a writer but slowly moved up to a higher rank in Sher Shah Suri Raj. He was a very good administrator and helped Sher Shah to establish a postal system, create standard coinage ( rupee ) and extend the Grand Trunk Road from Chittagong to Kabul, and build a new fortress at Rohtas.

Todar Mal overhauled the revenue system of Akbar's Mughal Empire and led in various battles. He introduced standard weights and measures, a land survey and settlement system, revenue districts, and officers. This system of maintenance of Patwari is still used in India. Units of measurement were standardized to Gaj. He was the real hero of India and we should remember him. Our politicians should try to follow him in order for India to progress.

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