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  • Malkiat Singh Duhra

The Concept of 24 Hours Exercise

Everyone does exercise according to their choice like walking, running, weight lifting, yoga, drills, gym, outdoor games, indoor games, etc. It is not an easy job to be consistent. One has to exert oneself and make up their mind to exercise. Twenty fours exercise is easy, interesting and takes negligible time and only little effort. It is good for kids, middle aged people and seniors. When you are doing any job, you feel that you are doing exercise; it will make your job interesting and you will get the benefits of exercise. The following is a schedule of this exercise:

  1. Before you get up in the morning: stretch your body, raise your legs one by one, touch your knees to your stomach and turn left and right three times.

  2. Walk for a few minutes before and after every meal, inside or outside.

  3. Before taking a shower: ten pushups, ten squats, and two deep squats.

  4. After taking a shower: stretch your body, bend forward and backward, bend left and right, rotate your neck, rotate your waist and do drill exercises. Do these three times.

  5. When you go to bed, do the same exercise as in the morning when getting up.

  6. Try to walk a few steps on your toes at any time, maybe while working or walking.

  7. Backward walking for one minute at any time.

  8. When you work, walk, and eat, keep your backbone straight.

  9. We can do exercise of the eyes while walking, sitting, and eating. Rotate your eyes in all directions three times.

  10. We can do breathing exercises while working, walking, sitting, and exercising.

  11. For super seniors who go to the bathroom at 2 AM and 5 AM, do breathing exercises for one minute. It will keep your body alert and you may avoid health problems.

  12. Stand near the wall keeping your arms up for one minute at any time. It is good for shoulder pain.

  13. While in the gym, continue breathing exercises.

  14. Keep your 'second heart' active. It is present in the lower legs and feet. Walk regularly.

  15. Select any game you enjoy and play it throughout life.

  16. Carry on your exercises while watching TV, listening to the radio, etc.

Read this article once a week in the beginning and later once in a month so that you get motivated. This exercise will help keep your knees, back bone, neck, eyes, heart, liver, lungs, brain, muscles, sugar level, cholesterol, and blood pressure healthy.

Please note this is not medical advice and is only for informational purposes. Please consult a doctor for medical advice.

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