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  • Malkiat Singh Duhra

Democracy in India

Good governance needs democracy. But today, hardly any political party in India is internally democratic. They're all fully controlled by a small ruling clique. The use of muscle and money power makes re-election possible. The primary goal of political parties is to capture power, and they use all the means at their disposal to obtain power. Power brings money, privileges, and control of the treasury. Total budget expenditure of central Government for 2019-20 Election was Rs. 27.86 lakh crore. Public funds are being used by those in power to lure voters, and are not necessarily being used for public service. There is urgent need to make some necessary changes in cases of: lack of internal democracy, increased dependence on money and power, and failure to provide meaningful choice to the voters. Since parties are focused only on winning elections, they tend to nominate those candidates who have or can raise lots of money. Rich people and companies who gives funds to the parties tend to have influence on the policies and decisions of the party. Dynastic succession has been in the political parties from time immemorial. Rapidly increasing criminalization of politics is very dangerous. In 2004, the Lok Sabha had 23 percent MPs with a criminal record and in 2019 it became 43 percent. Political parties that give tickets to such candidates are directly responsible for this.

Every political leader claims that he joined the politics to serve the country and progress/ development of the people. It was very true for the leaders who come forward to struggle for the freedom of the country and most of them really worked hard to progress the country after independence. But in 1970s some leaders joined politics as profession to serve the nation. For the last many years most of the leaders joined politics only to gather money and give benefits to their family and relatives. Their motive is not for the progress of people rather the progress of themselves. Democracy is the best method to run the country properly and efficiently. India is a democratic country and we must follow it properly. Every MLA /MP must represent different regions, different communities, and different classes so that they can truly represent the state. There should be at least 3-4 national parties and people should give a chance to all parties turn by turn so that they can show their performance and every party should get a chance to perform their duties. Strong opposition is also very important to give right direction to the party in power.

Far the last three decades, rotation of different department’s heads has been adopted in many departments and universities, and it proved quite effective. When a head remains on his position for a long time, he make his monopoly and promotes his group at the cost of others. In case of rotation everyone get a chance to show their talent and the chances of corruption decrease. At the national level, Congress remained in power for a long time after independence and it resulted in many scandals and promoted mostly family members. In 1914, BJP came in power in the centre, it took some action against the persons responsible for riots in Delhi and other places, whereas Congress did not take action in 28 years and rather it promoted and awarded the culprits of the 1984 riots. In Punjab, Congress and Akali Dal remained in power turn by turn, and these could not perform very efficiently. This time, in 2022 a new AAP came into power and people are hopeful for better development. It is of paramount importance that there should be at least 3- 4 effective political parties in the state as well as in the centre.

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