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  • Malkiat Singh Duhra

Ram Raj

Ram Raj is considered the best and ideal raj in Indian history and its example is still quoted even in other countries. During that period, the economic, social and political situation was reasonably good and people were happy and very friendly with each other. The King and the administrators listened to the common people carefully to solve their problems. We should create and develop a utopian society like Ram Raj. The following are some salient features of Ram Raj.

All religions are treated at par and must be respected equally as the basic principles of all the religions are the same. Every religion guides us to be good citizens and respect everyone irrespective of caste, creed, religion, gender, rich and poor. Equality and transparency should be the main concept in all the departments. A village should be an independent and self-sufficient unit to meet its requirements from its own resources. Villages and cities should be neat and clean with sewerage, transport, electricity and road facilities. Reservations for poor and oppressed people are encouraged, for raising their standard of life.

Education, health care, safety and basic needs should be taken care of by the Government and a law-abiding society should be established. There should be no fear of minority or majority classes in society and no communal riots in the country. The administration should be public-friendly, honest, simple and use minimum government expenditure. Small scale industries should be given protection to sustain against larger industries. With all these features, Ram Raj may be again established in India.

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